Lake Arenal activities

Lake Arenal activities

La Fortuna, Costa Rica
It is important to mention that nowadays, besides being a valuable hydroelectric project for the country and serving with its water for irrigation systems to the Guanacaste area, the Arenal Lake is a prominent tourist site in Costa Rica.

What to do

The scenic beauty of the lake is breathtaking; it is surrounded by lush green mountains of rainforest and tropical gardens. It is a place to enjoy with the family and even to carry out adventure and nature activities. There are activities practiced In the Western site of the lake, such as windsurfing and kitesurfing; since it is suitable for the wind usually found. In the Eastern part of the lake, kayaking and SUP are practiced. By the way, it is common to find people also doing activities such as fishing, boating and jetsky all around the lake.

Arenal Lake is a spectacular place to swim as there are no dangerous animals inside the water, it is a place full of nature and the water is very pure from the mountains. Also the lake works like a bridge for tourists who move from La Fortuna to Monteverde or vice versa, Tour Operator companies offer a transport service called "Car-Boat-Car" which consists of transporting by a vehicle from the hotel to the Lake, then 40 minutes by boat and then another ground transportation to the destination hotel, this type of service is much cheaper and saves more than an hour if the travel is by the road bordering the lake.

Activity list
  • 1. Windsurfing
  • 2. Kitesurfing
  • 3. Kayaking
  • 4. Fishing
  • 5. Boating
  • 6. Jetsky
  • 7. Swimming
  • 8. Jeep-boat-jeep
Lake Arenal Sport fishing
Lake Arenal Sport fishing