Important dates and special events in La Fortuna

Important dates and special events in La Fortuna

Arenal, Costa Rica
In La Fortuna as in many towns all over Costa Rica, there are occasional popular fiestas which are usually organized by their local government. In La Fortuna, there is performed one or even twice a year, in February or October.

Arenal Lake Tour

Arenal Lake Tour is the largest recreational mountain biking event in Costa Rica. Every year, thousands of bike riders gather to enjoy 2 days of pure adventure around the largest lake in the country. Last years the participation was over 4000 mountain bikers. Arenal Lake Tour does not have a specific date, so you must find out each year about the days in which it will take place.

September 15th

September 15th is an extremely important date for the citizens in all over Costa Rica.

On September 15th is celebrated the independence of Costa Rica and of the entire Central American region. The celebrations usually begin on September 14th with the traditional "La Antorcha" / "Passing The Torch", followed by a night activity on the same day called "Los Faroles / "Lantern Festival" which is one of the most expected especially for children, since previously Families have worked to prepare the colorful and striking lanterns that will light their way on a night full of celebration, tradition and culture.

Next day, September 15th is when main schools and colleges of La Fortuna and nearby meet to make presentations of bands and parades striking the main streets of the town. All these activities are very significant for the settlers; therefore the usually visit of many spectators who come to delight with the beautiful shows.

Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year holidays are considered one of the most beautiful periods of the year for most of the inhabitants everywhere. In La Fortuna town there are usually a lot of special activities to celebrate this time, such as the traditional "Fireworks at night", concerts and different musicals, religious activities, games for children and much more. It is important to emphasize that unlike some countries, in Costa Rica the greatest celebrations are held on the nights of December 24th and 31st, on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. By the way, it is also important to mention that holidays by law are December 25th and January 1st only.

Downtown La Fortuna
Downtown La Fortuna