Discover the Arenal Volcano Beautiful treasures of the colossous
La Fortuna de San Carlos

Considered within the 5 most popular touristic destinations in Costa Rica. It's almost mandatory to visit it for vacationers.

Arenal Volcano history

Dormant for almost 500 years, the Volcano began to be internationally known after a big eruption on July 29th, 1968.

Lake Arenal information

It is the largest lake in Costa Rica, covering an area of 87 square kilometers. Fishing and kayaking are two common activities.

La Fortuna waterfall

Considered one of the major tourist attractions in La Fortuna. You can swim and admire the waterfall after going down almost 500 steps.

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Arenal Volcano

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

La Fortuna Costa Rica is a small town of about 15 thousand inhabitants, who are generally friendly and hard workers. It is located only 2 hours from San Jose.

The tourist activity in the volcano area includes thermo-mineral waters, natural walks and adventure tours, such as canopy, horseback riding and hikings.

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