Arenal Hotels development

Arenal Hotels development

The way tourism was developed (first hotels)
The development of the hotel business in La Fortuna has been always linked to the arrival of tourists to the area and even, many hotels that are big and recognized today started at the time with a few rooms.

Type of lodging

The first hotel in La Fortuna was called Hotel La Central; this one appeared in the 70's and was located to the south side of where is nowadays the central park of the town.

At that time this hotel was used to host specially agents who entered the area, in addition to the first few tourists who were beginning to discover La Fortuna. For the 80s, it began to appear some other options of lodging, such as La Fortuna Hotel and Los Lagos Hotel.

Already for the 90's and the starting of the new millennium, it began the gigantic growth that made the area to what it is nowadays, with hundreds of accommodation options for all wishes and needs.